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    • Yeah I'll looked at them a few times. They don't say the battery capacity , but it plugs into a standard outlet(110vac 15 amp (Max)) and charges "overnight" 8hrs(?) and that would include a full discharged battery...right? Then a few solar panels and invertor dedicated to charging it and you would have a 100km plus every few days. Yeah in a hard grid down a really must have.....
    • Anyone own one of these electric motorcycles? I did a test ride on one 3 day ago. Wow , they are fast  & very quite when  your moving along, Stealthy indeed. A viable option as a bug out bike, in a EMP event I’m guessing the bike is toast, unless it’s stored in a EMP cage Buying one new is out of the question, pricy like $8,000 US funds.  
    • Yesterday I managed to get a hold of some electronic engine parts for one of my cars Main engine CPU . Fuse box etc etc. My neighbour who’s a car machenic said that’s all I needed in a EMP event, to get the vehicle up & running.  I’ve stored the parts in a EMP cage as well, just in case. Did get the parts for FREE, which is a blessing that’s for sure.
    • thanks to all those who have served or are serving this great country and best wishes to all you who are proud americans...