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  2. aluraacker345

    Paracord Survival Bracelets

    No, I have never ever tried to make it at home, but I bought a bundle of this bracelet in different colors from Shopworn discount code because I love to wear them when I go on an outing or on any trip.
  3. P210SIG

    Meet the Afghanistan Bruce Lee.

    Dragon of Afghanistan: Bruce Lee look alike adored by youth, reviled by Islamic fundamentalist.
  4. This guy looks like a twin of Bruce Lee. Could Bruce Lee be reincarnated ? There is one other video of this guy on You Tube that I know of.
  5. Politicians are corrupt world wide , letting in refugees with a high percentage of them being Muslims & their hoping that they get elected again by said Muslims. Justin Trudumb , which is truly dumb, is doing this since he got elected. Justin thinks he’s a smart ass, but his actions prove he’s a total dumb ass PM of Canada!
  6. i feel your pain...politics is turning into something very ugly as of late(last 50 years)...
  7. Justin Trudeau / Trudumb/ Castro is a total moron of Canada. The last name might not be the same, but it’s the same pecker/dick head running the country of Canada. Lies, lies & more lies from the Man/Boy PM of Canada. He spends 41 Billion dollars on his SNC cover up. Treason I say, he should be hung in capital hill in Ottawa Canada.
  8. wally

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    wow.....sunny and cool here....
  9. P210SIG

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    OMG, it snowed in my area last night. 2 inches of the white stuff. Cleared the snow off my bike covers this morning. It’s a pre April fools joke from Mother Nature, not funny at all.
  10. P210SIG


    Some humans are just good for nothing at all !
  11. P210SIG


    Being a good human is one thing, but being a righteous human in Gods eyes is totally different. It’s a huge difference in my opinion.
  12. aluraacker345

    Incognito Survival Bag suggestions?

    Dear, I dont have much knowledge about bags, but I suggest you bags according to my personal experience, when I go on traveling I use Duffel bag and, Backpack bag because they both are easy to handle and didn't take much place.
  13. aluraacker345

    Alphabet soup leaking on our shoes

    So knowledgeable post.
  14. aluraacker345

    Blood Moon.

    No, I haven't seen it in my life.
  15. aluraacker345


    I just want to be a good human being.
  16. aluraacker345

    Making a Survival candle that is really useful

    I think you are right candle is the best cheapest lightning source in traveling.
  17. Do you want to be RICH or POOR. You are programed to be poor.
  18. Knowledge is power, this is a project I’d like to do one day. This video shows you how to collect wood gas in a small scale.
  19. wally

    How to tap water from trees.

    we don't have alot of those here its all doug-fir or hem-fir....but your salt water idea is great i will be trying that....
  20. This is a great learning video to get drinking water from birch & maple trees only. I’ll be practicing this method next month. Hope members here will give it a try, could be life saving one day.
  21. wally

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    wow...we didn't have any wind storms this season which is unusual but then march ain't over yet...
  22. Yesterday I was burning the rest of the fallen leaves from the fall season last year, in my outdoor wood stove. Will be using the ashes to my garden & trees. Need to replenish the nutrients in the soil, which is needed for a healthy garden.
  23. P210SIG

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    Wow, it’s been really windy in my area yesterday & today. Had bike covers on my motorcycles, that the wind tore off the straps. I did find the bike covers down my street, & very thankful. I’ve now added retaining wall blocks around my bike covers, just to anker them secure. The weather channel on my phone was not working, for some reason. So wouldn’t know how fast the wind was blowing. I’m guessing 80-100 kph winds or higher.
  24. that was cool...and very easy to do...
  25. This is a excellent video to watch & learn. I’ll drink to that clean H2O ! Cheers everyone.
  26. Need not say anything Wally, just don’t eat at fast food restaurants. Let The Holy Spirit guide you, every day in your life.
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