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    • Some movies  that never seem to go out of vogue. better hurry before Youtube monetizes  (pimps) all our memories....... And Then There Were None 1945 The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939 How To Murder Your Wife 1965 Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 1940 Bikini Beach 1964 McLintock 1963 Our man Flint 1966 THE KENNEL MURDER CASE 1933 The Trouble With Harry 1955 night of the big heat 1967 The Night Stalker 1972 Topper Returns 1941 Spectre 1977 the Trollenberg terror AKA the Crawling Eye Baffled 1973 Horror Island 1941        
    • It is just sick to shoot an unarmed person, I can remember the old matinée movies where if a person shot someone in the back or unarmed they were considered scum of the earth,  Now with the gameboy movement it seems as if there are no societal taboos.   I am of the mind powers that be had knowledge and just let this one go by,  we are being told that we have the finest "group" and yet Boston 9/11  and numerous other incidents  like a pickup load of arms and munitions go into a hotel room and no one notices especially in a hotel that has more cameras than a building in Langley Va.  well all I can say is one day there will be a judgment on those that plot evil and do wicked things and there will be no escape for the doer or the enabler it will be just a hot IMHO. But as I posted above I see no Justice coming for anyone it will take years and the lawyers and injustice system will get fat and the victims will still be waiting for justice IMO. I goota jet morning at the old ranch round up coffee and a hot meal before we go out and check the cattle this morning, se out some molasses blocks / mineral and just goof off till lunch.
    • Too bad people think that destroying firearms will destroy the hatred in the human heart.  wrong thinking IMHO.
    • What’s even worse is when the Canadian government had a whole bunch of the Browning Hi Power handguns which could have been sold to legal firearms owners, yet the government of Canada destroyed all they had. This was in the news, a few years back. What a shame.