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    • fox news has problems but it far better than those other commy channels i think. i agree the cartoon channel would be time well spent...  
    • I just want to know, who the hell is running Fox News ? seems like they pick up the people that all the other channels throw out. Today it was Paula Dean the "N" word lady she was a darling of the Democratic party until it leaked out she had use the "N" word and all her loving democrats turned on her but, true to form Fox News picked her up and brought her in.  Then there is Mark Furman another person that was accused of racial slurs back during the O.J. trial.  And Juan Williams just one more hunk of disingenuous diatribe, if it were not for Fox News these lack luster individuals would be on food stamps but OH NO Fox News to the rescue. off all the left wing nuts they have to get Juan Williams hell I don't think Don Lemon is a ludicrous as Juan. There have been some left wing contributors that are more fair and reasonable but they are not good enough for Fox they have to find the most obnoxious ones to be contributors that twist any information into a attack on the Conservatives more than a few are hacks IMHO. This morning was a total waste of time and Paula Dean was cackling and making silly comments I thought either she was having a stroke or been hitting the cooking sherry kinda hard, Maybe one of the Fox News executives had stock in all that Paula Dean cook wear.     All I can say is if it were not for Tucker Carlson Laura Ingram and Judge jeanine Pirro and a few others I would rather watch the cartoon channel and, that woman that does the weather, is it just me or is she OCD ?
    • French riots a perfect example of survival misunderstanding. Let me state that each situation can only be defined after the fact, survival is not a matter of just training it is a mindset. The people in all the cities effected by the riots in France are hostages in their homes and as they try to stay out of the way, the protesters are burning their vehicles. So what happens when your town goes up in flames ? all your property is destroyed and you have no way to escape, roads are blocked rioters are attacking vehicles overturning them and putting them to light. Survival is not just about your life it is about your property because that is how you stay alive is to have the means to continue on water food medications clothing blankets and enough to barter with. Skills are great the more you have the more your going to be an asset or be able to trade your services for barter goods, but that is only part of the problem many skills are useless in a national emergency where going out risks your life and who will defend hearth and home against a horde of stupid people ? These riots have hidden criminal activities like looting and I am just as sure all the other crimes of man, consider you have enemies this is when they can do harm and think it will be covered by the fog of social unrest. As far as I can tell this is happening in many cities along the coast not just Paris this is a reality that once civil unrest takes hold it will take off like a wild fire. these same things are happening in Venezuela there are murders daily kidnapping and blackmail roving gangs own the night and the police are not interested in making calls by victims. Ambulance calls after dark or in a riot area pretty slim. This is why people need to have water storage and filtration to last at minimum a month food medications and alternative sources for heat and some type of battery operated fan with a solar charging system because in summer heat kills the sick elderly and the very young. I could go on forever on what France and it's politics have done to screw up the world and then drop it into others hands to try to solve and it blew up in all their faces. all those museums and fine buildings were bought with the blood of millions and the press is ignorant or refusing to see what brought them to this place. People destroy their own nations either by apathy or willful ignorance we are at that point if, we do not change and demand / expect better from out children as we see from the ANTIFA crowds and the heavy vote in elections of blatant ignorant socialists, our youth are baseline morons we the parents have allowed it we have supported the schools colleges and turned a blind eye to their riots and destruction many adults are acting more like children smoking dope and taking Viagra like there are no repercussions on the youth watching our debauchery. We are all leaders it is just what direction we are leading to heaven or hell.   
    • I just tried Arcolinux pretty good operating system. I was having a few issues with my other system and decided it was time to try another Linux version.